Art classes for people with disabilities

At Club Picasso, we are registered with NDIS to provide one-on-one art classes for people with disabilities.

Sharon Hindle has 12 years’ experience delivering art classes to people with disabilities, helping them to explore their creativity and express their emotions through art. With NDIS registration, you can claim the balance of each lesson to ensure they’re affordable and accessible. Explore various mediums and techniques with the support and guidance of an experienced artist and teacher. Lessons are tailored to work with each individual, based on what they’d like to achieve and what suits their unique needs.

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Skype art lessons

No matter where you are, discover the joy of expressing yourself artistically with Club Picasso’s Skype art lessons.

We can work with you anywhere in the world to help you rediscover your creative nature. Purchase your art kit (link to sales page) and together we’ll explore the medium of your choice. Or better yet, purchase them all and we can work through them one at a time! Kits come complete with everything you’ll need to get started.